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What if you called on an image professional to immortalize one of the happiest days of your life together: your wedding?


A service provider who will take the time to get to know you and establish a climate of trust so that the photos reflect your image? Well you've found the one you need: Chrispixel Photographer!

Proposed services

Chrispixel Photographer offers different formulas to best meet your expectations.

When the big day comes, it is with discretion that I will accompany you and capture on the fly the highlights as well as the details of your union.

It is through my sensitive and gentle gaze that I will narrate one of the most beautiful events of your existence.

I will put at your service my know-how and my sensitivity to photograph your union with passion and emotion.

I suggest to all my future newlyweds to know each other before and to meet, to discuss your life, your expectations, to fill out a questionnaire in peace to allow me to fully understand your style, the emotions to be transmitted on D-day.
I suggest visiting the wedding grounds to spot "the light" and the particularities of future shots.
Trust and complicity is essential between you and me for the big day in front of my lenses.

My rendering of images is soft, a little pastel to play on the softness and my images are intended to focus on looks, emotions and joy. I favor a shallow depth of field to enhance my bride and groom and I chose a color scheme in harmony with the places and colors of the bride and groom.
The style is spontaneous and soft, I try to capture the complicity above all in wide, medium, tight frames ...

I select the best photos of the report to avoid duplicates and offer to deliver them on a usb key once the retouching work has been carried out.

A very great availability, a listening focused on the expectations of the Bride and groom, a guaranteed result on the production of high quality images, a fast service and above all a lot of kindness with everyone. It is a great quality to be able to photograph everything and everyone in a wedding.


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